Media lists

All media lists come with 30 media contacts vetted quarterly or bi-annually. Contacts come with name, title, media outlets, email, and social media links. 

Some lists may come with their professional profiles and detailed contact notes regarding what they cover.

Beauty Media List

Fashion Media List

Health & Wellness Media List

Lifestyle Media List

Gospel Music Media List

Books & Literature Media List

Business/ Black Interest Media List

Parenting Media List

As a small business owner, having a media list is crucial for successful public relations efforts. 

A media list is a database of relevant journalists, reporters, editors, bloggers, and other media professionals who cover your industry or niche. 

Saves time 

A media list allows you to quickly and efficiently reach out to journalists who are interested in your business or industry, rather than blindly sending press releases to every journalist you can find. 

Increases the chances of coverage 

By targeting journalists who are interested in your industry, you increase the likelihood of your pitch being picked up and covered by the media. 

Builds relationships 

Consistently reaching out to the same journalists on your media list can help you establish relationships with them, which can lead to more coverage and opportunities for your business in the future. 


Q: What does the media list come with?