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With a complimentary 15-minute consultation, we can start discussing your target media list, and news distribution tactics while meeting you where you are in your journey! 

What Makes Us Ruthleess?

We have partnerships with the top media agencies to make placements happen in as little as 30 days. 

By finding timely content and trends missing from the media agency's publications they trust us to fill throughout the year. This process allows us to plug and play your brand into articles or tastemaker lists without committing to a monthly PR fee. 

Taking it onestep further, we work with some of the largest names in each industry for media inclusions to bring credibility. 

Even as an emerging brand your name can be next to the largest names in the industry. Creating the visibility you deserve! 

Clarifying Media Relations

By leveraging media relations, beauty and fashion businesses can increase their visibility and credibility. Our goal is to get you featured in articles, interviews, reviews, and other types of media coverage. This type of exposure can also help to establish the brand as an industry leader, as well as build trust and confidence among potential customers. 

Your ultimate goal for media placements is to generate positive publicity and raise awareness about the brand, product, or service. 

In the beauty and fashion industry, media placements can take various forms, such as featuring a product in a fashion editorial, collaborating with an influencer to promote a brand, or securing a review of a product in a beauty blog. 

By securing media placements, beauty and fashion businesses can effectively reach their target audience and establish their brand as a go-to resource for style and beauty advice. 

Ruthleess Positioning

Media Relations & Storytelling

Earned media not only builds thought leadership but can be repurposed to strengthen sales, SEO, social media, online reputation, direct marketing and conference communications.

Content Marketing

Fresh, quality content including thought leadership articles, social media posts, email campaigns, videos, photos and internal and external comms, can impact lead generation and lead nurture

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications, issues management and crisis planning must be strategic and executed by PR professionals with deep media relations and corporate communications experience

Thought Leadership

Social media, fueled by credible, engaging content, impacts SEO, online reputation, direct marketing, conference marketing and other marcom activities, which means B2B businesses can benefit too.


Ruthleess Marketing is a boutique public relations agency that services clients across a wide range of industries including: fashion, beauty, consumer product, e-commerce, entertainment/ music and so much more.

Our specialty is genuinely crafting stories to deliver strategic communications. Our campaigns are designed to go beyond basic marketing and instead focus on the brand narratives that make your brand unique. We understand no two brands do business the same, so why should your story be told in the same capacity?

Backed by a team of professionally trained journalists and publicist, we dig deep to uncover the storylines that spark interest, foster brand loyalty and inspire new beginnings. Our goal: to not only garner long-term success but open the door to meaningful conversations with those who directly impact your brand’s bottom line.

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